Global Development, Local Support

The WebHawks IT flagship service, TeamSourcing, enables clients in the developed world to hire top tier engineering talent for a fraction of the cost throughout Southeast Asia. These staff works closely with your local team on your time zone.

Appoint local CTO + dev-ops + Team

WebHawks IT can quickly assemble project strike teams to tackle common technical projects: From web portals, to mobile applications to testing teams to documentation. We leverage the latest thinking in modern agile methodologies, dev-ops best practices, and the power of continuous delivery to ensure effective communication and consistent, timely, reliable results.

dedicated CTO + IT dev team

For partners with clients who could benefit from both TeamSourcing & LocalSourcing, there is PartnerSourcing. Partnerships are limited to specific geographies and industries, as well as by the site and breadth of any given partner’s business relationships.

PM+ dev-ops + team

Leveraging experience crafting digital solutions for clients around the globe, the WebHawks Labs R&D team is hard at work cobbling together next-generation ERP solutions. Be sure to let us know if you would like to learn more!
CEO SeaZoo Japan

Our IT TeamSourcing team members in WebHawks IT Bangladesh are always passionate, and managing their tasks with the same goal as the other members in Japan. The TeamSourcing IT offshoring business model allows us to grow together, and share the sense of common goal is the merit that much better then other outsourcing model so far I worked with.

Ryoji Danbara
Head of IT Project Management Oceanize Japan

TeamSourcing allows us to system design, prototyping, coding & development and testing different sizes of almost any projects in a cost effectively and efficient way. As an IT project lead manager I am very comfortable with the TeamSourcing IT offshoring business model of WebHawks IT Bangladesh.

Koji Iinuma
CEO of DreamPirates.Inc

WebHawks ITが提供するバングラディシュエンジニアは、いわゆる受諾開発とは違い、私たちの開発チームの一員として活躍してくれます。エンジニア個々人の成長も早く、みな明るく素直で、日本人エンジニアよりも仕事がしやすいと感じることもあるほどです。バングラディシュチームと日本チーム、それぞれの良さを互いにフィードバックすることで全体のパフォーマンスへの相互作用を期待しています。

Keiichirou Masuyama
CEO OceanHawks Japan

テクノロジーが進化し、働く場所を問わずに高い質のものを開発したり、ビジネスを 進められることが当たり前になってきました。 バングラデシュやアジアの国々と一緒に様々な価値を産み出せることに興奮しています。

Kaito Tsutsushio

Global Team

Case Study

Case Study-1

Customer was satisfied with the solution provided. Initially started with 4 engineers and customer then requested for 7 more engineers. Customer could reduce direct cost up to 70% and indirect cost up to 60%. Read More

Staff Augmentation
Case Study-2

A big data analytics professor and an evangelist in Wollongong University Australia, partnered with WebHawks IT to provide his class with real time big data analytics experience for complex problems and solutions. Read More

Facilitating IT Solutions
Case Study-3

A California based real estate construction estimator company partnered with WebHawks IT to complete an unfinished vector based construction estimation application as well us upgrade the application to meet growing demand and the extendibility Read More

Helping Launch
Case Study-4

TamagoDB, a multilingual SaaS application provider developed for international recruiters to track applicants, partnered with WebHawks IT to hire skilled and cost effective PHP Symfony framework developer with a minimum 4 years of experience Read More

Finding Niche Skilled IT Professional
Case Study-5

Fortune 500 and one of the big four auditing and consulting company in the world partnered with WebHawks IT to upgrade their old system in a cost effective manner while strictly maintaining privacy, copyright Read More

System Migration